Nicolas Box


The great French tessellation artist Alain Nicolas has been testing my new tessellation program. Several times a week for the last six months he has delighted me with amazing tessellations that he has created using TesselManiac! The faces of this inlaid wood box showcase seven of his new designs. The front of the box uses a clever Cat and Mouse motif that is of Heesch type TCTGG. The morph algorithm in TesselManiac! has been used to generate tiles that show how the initial polygon morphs to the finished motif. The top uses two cowboy designs by Nicolas that are both of extended Heesch type G’G’G’G’ (Heesch type G1G1G2G2 with an added interior reflection line). The remaining sides illustrate Heesch types TCCTCC, TG1G1TG2G2, and TGTG.

8” x 5” x 4” Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany